Which 2019-20 Narrative Lectionary (Year 2, Mark) Package to Choose for Your Congregation?

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Clergy Stuff’s Got Your Options Covered

by Daniel D. Maurer, Clergy Stuff

No bathroom remodel here.

No bathroom remodel here.

My wife and I currently are undergoing a most dreaded event. It’s set to challenge the very foundations of our relationship. That’s right. You guessed it.

We’re remodeling a bathroom in our house.

Like any large home-improvement project, a bathroom remodel demands that a couple make an inordinate amount of decisions. There’s the tile, the vanity counter-top material, the tub (whirlpool or not?), and the nearly infinite alternatives which direction to place the toilet. Then there’s the difference between my wife and me—our temperaments don’t seem to coincide with what most polite company would consider “agreement.”

Me? I’m a seek-and-destroyer. Pick it and be done with it. For Carol, she wants options. Options for her are the essential ingredient to making a good decision. At the end of the day, she usually wins out. I’ve also come to understand that choosing the right choice from a selection of options brings confidence and relief that you did, indeed, look at everything there is to see for your project.

Well, choosing the correct package for your congregation’s worship resources is immeasurably less complex than a bathroom gut-job. Or, at least it should be.

Here is the current rundown of different package options you have for the 2019-20 Narrative Lectionary Year 2 worship resources from Clergy Stuff. We’re super excited to show you all the neat stuff you’ll get!


Bundle One leads the pack of ultra-primo bundled deals. It’s the Mercedes Benz of Narrative Lectionary worship resource packages, and for good reason. Not only will you receive the full year (including the summer), but you’ll also find original music, PowerPoint® templates for projection during worship or bible studies, as well as free digital bulletin covers for the entire NL Year 2 (Mark). The Clergy Stuff writing team provides everything your faith community needs to plan for worship using the Narrative Lectionary.


Bundle Two is basically the same as Bundle One, except it’s only for the program year and does not include the summer resources. Other than that, you’re getting all the freebies and fine scholarship for preaching prep just like the flagship package.

This option works for leaders who would like to deviate from the current summer’s Narrative Lectionary readings, but would still like the entire program year’s worship resource offerings.


Bundle Three contains the full year’s Narrative Lectionary resources and also provides access to Clergy Stuff’s NEW access point for preaching ideas and textual exegesis, all found online.

The main difference between this package and Bundle One is that this one does not contain the original music liturgical offerings. Historically, it’s also been our most popular package, but we’re anticipating that with all of the new offerings that many congregations will elect to look at other packages. Still, it’s a great choice for providing all your church’s worship prep needs all while saving a bit of money too.


Bundle Four is for congregations that only need resources for the NL Year Two Summer session and would like the original music for this season as well.

Again, since we want to give you a full selection with Narrative Lectionary Year 2 (Mark) options, you’ll find that this choice works well for congregations testing out the Narrative Lectionary.


Our Program Year Unit (Resources Only) package furnishes leaders with resources for the program year, beginning on September 8, 2019 and going to May 31, 2020. (Holy cow—doesn’t that just look weird? 2020!)

With Clergy Stuff’s instant download option, you’ll be able to receive everything you need to beginning planning worship for this fall.


Clergy Stuff’s Summer Unit (Resources Only) package provides exactly that—worship planning resources for this summer only. Similar to Bundle Four, but without the original music, this selection is great for congregations willing to try out the Narrative Lectionary before they would like to commit full-time to it.


Clergy Stuff has been providing congregations and faith communities across the spectrum and all over the world with Narrative Lectionary worship resources for over seven years. We plan to continue to write high-quality resources for the Narrative Lectionary in the future as well. We have expanded our offerings recently with our new website RCL Worship Resources which offer similar worship preparation and sermon planning resources for those congregations following the Revised Common Lectionary.

Not only that, but along with our dedication to cater to congregations with special needs, we also have developed a completely new confirmation (affirmation of baptism) program Narratology, which continues to bring in accolades and cheers from pastors who have used it.

Clergy Stuff is also extremely beside ourselves in announcing that in accordance with our vision for providing new resources for proclamation and preaching, we will also be diversifying our resources in a completely new direction. Because The Word™ will create worship preparation resources for those churches looking at specific thematic preaching topics, and deviating from any traditional lectionary. Stay tuned for more news upcoming for this exciting offering.

Daniel D. Maurer

Daniel D. Maurer was a former ELCA minister who served in Underwood and Williston North Dakota. He now is a freelance writer and thrice-published author and speaker on the topics of resilience, change, transformation, and long-term recovery from addiction and depression.