The New Stuff is Up!

Kids happy and surprised at Narrative Lectionary new resources page. (cc0 image) 

Clergy Stuff has once again written some fabulous new church planning resources for the Narrative Lectionary 2018-19 year.

by Daniel D. Maurer, Author and Clergy Stuff Team Member

If you've been looking for worship planning resources for the 2018-19 Narrative Lectionary year, then you're in luck! The Clergy Stuff team recently has put together packages to meet your ministry needs. Plus, we think you'll love the planning resources since it makes your ministry cooler, more meaningful, and funner. And, yes, we mean funner.

Worship Planning Resources You Want & Need

If you're searching for an easy and well-made plan to put together a service with creative spunk, then Clergy Stuff is the place you'll want to visit. Here's a list of all the stuff we have prepared for your congregation or worship community.

  • Relevant and meaningful prayers that reach your ministry contextual needs.
  • Well-thought-out exegesis for each Narrative Lectionary text.
  • Fun skits, plays, and other creative expressions you can use in worship or in other contexts.
  • NL bulletins for kids! (Kidstuff™)
  • Adult take-home devotions that will put feet on your members' faith. (God's Story–Our Story™)
  • Fun and imaginative word art.
  • Childrens' sermons and engaging story time.
  • Planning sheets you can bring with you to text study or executive worship committee.
  • Original music for the Narrative Lectionary composed by our very own Jerry Salter.
  • Hymn and praise music selections to go along seamlessly with your worship service.

And much, much more—take a gander yourself. (Resolution in final product is higher.)

At Clergy Stuff, we endeavor to make your life easier. We know that you're just going to genuinely appreciate the material we've put together for you. If you've used Clergy Stuff resources before, you know that we offer these materials at a low, competitive price. If you're only just beginning to use the Narrative Lectionary, it's good to know that we're here for you. If you want samples, please feel free to download and use the free materials. If you're ready to pick out your own package, please know that you mean the world to us and we're here to help you anytime!


Daniel D. Maurer

Daniel D. Maurer was a former ELCA minister who served in Underwood and Williston North Dakota. He now is a freelance writer and thrice-published author and speaker on the topics of resilience, change, transformation, and long-term recovery from addiction and depression.