What's Up?!

How can I contact you? I have questions that need answers!

Email Daniel Maurer, author and freelance writer and designer extraordinaire at dan@clergystuff.com. He's usually very responsive with messages and loves helping out our customers using CS Narrative Lectionary packages! 


Where's my new stuff!?

When you purchase your files, you'll be sent directly to a download page where you can get your stuff. You'll also get a 24-hour link to download via email. Or if you like to chat and have questions, you can always contact us here. We'll make our bestest-bestest efforts to get your materials to you promptly.

*Note: We should have everything ready to go for new resources on the site by February 27, 2018. That is, when you purchase a bundle you'll get everything you need. We still need to upload the original music, since Jerry's still working hard at getting it all perfect. When he's finished, you will RECEIVE AN EMAIL WITH ALL THE MATERIALS ATTACHED TO IT. Simple and easy, and with no fuss!


Why is the confession the same, week after week, and why are some of the eucharistic invitations duplicated for the following weeks?

Good question! Considering the narrative arc of the NL, the confessions naturally follow the thematic schemes the Narrative Lectionary. Some worship leaders may be confused, however, so we wanted to give you the rationale behind the practice. The same rationale applies to the eucharistic invitations. It's all about following the story—God's story!


Oops. I lost my files. How do I get my stuff I purchased again?

Well you don't need to give us more money! Please take a moment and contact us here. (Dan's the guy who will get you your stuff!)


ZIP files

Zippity zip zip zip. ZIP files are an easy way for us to get you big files. It also allows us to bundle them together so you can have one thing to download instead of twenty. If you're having trouble unzipping them (those dang zippers always stick) here is a link you may go to for instructions. And here is an additional link that has updated information as well. If you're still having issues unzipping the files, try using this program. (Not affiliated with Clergy Stuff.)


What if I don't want to use a credit card?

Clergy Stuff strongly (see the bold italics?) recommends that you purchase the product you want via credit card. The advantages to carrying out the transaction this way for your congregation are many—the biggest being that you will instantly have a receipt with the email address you used to submit your order. Also, you will have an instant link to download the materials you purchased. The final bonus is that if your congregation has a tax-exempt number, you can input it and be refunded the taxes (refunds will come after purchase). However, we want smaller congregations and those who have a bill-paying system already in place to feel confident that you can receive your products as well. Contact Clergy Stuff's Business Manager and Editor, Daniel Maurer at this address and we will arrange a simple path for you to get the stuff you need. This option is only available for US customers. 


What do I do if the files aren’t opening or printing correctly?

First, check your computer’s automatic downloads folder, as files are often downloaded there. Please contact Clergy Stuff by email and indicate the exact nature of the difficulty. We will respond shortly with alternate options so that you can use all the resources we provided you.


Can I reuse past resources I've purchased from Clergy Stuff?

Every year,  Clergy Stuff writes and delivers to you the most contextually-relevant and up-to-date worship planning resources. We also make annual improvements with our design to give a fresh look for the materials. Each year's resources are intended to be used only once. There is an option if you would like to reuse past Clergy Stuff preparation materials: simply purchase a reuse license for the NL year you would like to reuse. You will not receive another package, but you will have a license to again use the resources, as is. We would also like to encourage you to consider a standalone, thematic package to customize your own preaching series! And, of course, the freshest NL worship preparation resources are always available.


How do I embed the Clergy Stuff Narrative Lectionary Daily Devotions into my own website?

We're super excited about this! You CAN now embed the Daily Devotions into your church's or organization's website. The links are clickable and you can read them on the site or in your own.

To embed the devotions into your own website, copy the following text and paste it into your site's html (below):

<iframe src="http://clergystuff.com/daily-devotions"></iframe>

Worship Resources

Can I get a sample?

Yes, click here to view a sample of Narrative Lectionary Worship Resources.


How can I get the images for use in church bulletins, promotions, inserts, or to project on our worship screen?

Free downloads are available now!


Narrative Lectionary Confirmation Program?

Are there other resources available, like Sunday School curriculum, adult education resources, or choral music recommendations?

Yes, yes, and more yes. For one, you're going to want to check out Narratology™, a completely new way to "do" faith formation for confirmation-age students. What's more, this program is geared for a mentor-based, storytelling experience for kids with special needs, too. Narratology works both with the Narrative Lectionary and also the Revised Common Lectionary, and it's your go-to strategy for reaching kids. The online resources alone will keep them interested and engaged.

Other educational materials for adults and other resources are often shared on the Facebook group, Narrative Lectionary.

There is now a recommendation for choral anthems provided by Luther Seminary. For worship resources and choral anthems available on WorkingPreacher.org, click here.


Can I share resources with others on my staff?

Yes, all the Narrative Lectionary worship resources, inserts and images may be shared electronically or on paper with anyone on your staff who uses the resources. We ask that you keep these resources within your congregation. If other congregations in your area are also using the Narrative Lectionary, please direct them to the resources at ClergyStuff.com. Thank you!



How long will it take to get the Narrative Lectionary Timeline Poster and Bookmarks for 2017-18?

Posters and bookmarks will be available by July 1, 2017. Orders placed after July will be  shipped within one-two week(s) after your order is placed. Before then, feel free to pre-order a poster for your congregation or faith community!

What is The Narrative Lectionary?


What is The Narrative Lectionary?

You can learn all about Narrative Lectionary at: http://www.workingpreacher.org/narrative_faqs.aspx.


What are the readings for 2018-19?

You can find the readings at Working Preacher at the following link: 

What if I have questions that aren’t answered on the WorkingPreacher.org website?

We’d love to answer your questions! Send your questions to us here.