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TRANSFIGURATION (Paraphrase blending Matthew 16:24—17:8, Mark 8:27—9:8, Luke 9:28-45)

Characters: Narrator, God, Peter, Elijah (non-speaking), Moses (non-speaking)

Narrator:  The disciples knew Jesus was special, but they were always surprised by the things that pointed out his true divinity – you know, that he was TRULY the son of God.  One day, Jesus went up to a mountain to pray, and some of his disciples went with him.  As they got to the top, suddenly Jesus was shining bright like he was a source of light – and he began to talk to Moses and Elijah – who had already died, so it was strange!

Moses:  Jesus, you've been doing great work here on Earth!  We are excited to see how many you are healing and proclaiming God's love to!

Elijah:  Yes, you are so much more patient than either of us was!

Jesus:  You know, I just do my best and lean on God for those times I fall short!

Narrator:  The disciples were so amazed - they couldn’t believe what they were seeing!

Peter:  My Lord!  It is very good for you to stay here I think – look how shiny you all are!  We can build you a lovely set of houses.  One for you, one for Moses, [to Moses] Hello, Sir!  And one for Elijah! [to Elijah] Nice to meet you, Mr. Prophet!

Narrator:  Suddenly they heard a voice coming from heaven.

God:  This is my son, the beloved!  I am very pleased with him!

Narrator:  As soon as they heard that voice, the disciples were really scared – so they fell to the ground and bowed their heads to hide.

Jesus:  [approaches the disciples] Do not be afraid, you guys!!

Narrator:  When they looked up, all they saw was Jesus.  Moses and Elijah had gone.

Peter:  Wait. What. Just. Happened. Here?


Kid Story

Tell about a time something mysterious happened to you. How did you explain it?  Did it impact your faith?  Why do you think God is mysterious?

Storytime! Alternate Story #1

Holy Communion (Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:22-42, Luke 22:1-27

Characters: Narrator, Jesus, Disciples, Judas

Narrator: Jesus knew his time was coming, and he wanted a special meal with his disciples.

Jesus: Go find the house of this guy I know – tell him we need a place for the Passover meal. He'll let you prepare it there.

Narrator: So they did as he asked. Then, they all sat down to supper.

Jesus: Truth bomb for you: Someone at this table will betray me!

Disciples: [not in unison, select one phrase] Not me! You don't mean me, do you? I'd NEVER!

Jesus: I'm not kidding. One of you who dipped your hands in the same finger bowl as me is going to betray me.

Judas: Surely not me, Lord??

Jesus: I didn't say it. You did.

Disciples: [not in unison] Oh snap! Burn! He told you!

Jesus: Settle down, you guys.

Narrator: Then, Jesus started to share the bread with everyone after he blessed it.

Jesus: Here, eat this. It's my body, given for you. Do this to remember me.

Narrator: Then he blessed the wine and said,

Jesus: This is my blood, shed for you – and for EVERY PERSON for the forgiveness of sins. Whenever you gather, share this cup to remember me! I will not drink again until we meet in the kingdom of heaven.

Narrator: The disciples weren't quite sure what was happening, but they knew it was special! This is why we share communion in worship – to remember the promises of forgiveness – and to have Jesus fully present in Spirit with us every time we share the meal! And if you notice- Jesus didn't need the disciples to do anything special to receive it. Everyone got communion – even Judas who Jesus KNEW would betray him. Grace is given in this meal, and it is for us all!


Storytelling by participants

What is it like to spend time with someone you suspect will betray you? How do you think Jesus was able to show love to Judas when he knew he would be the reason he was crucified? What does it say about how we should treat our enemies?


Storytime! Alternate Story #2

Foot Washing (John 13:1-17

Characters: Narrator, Jesus, Simon Peter, Disciples

Narrator: Jesus knew it was getting close to the time he would be killed, so he wanted to do something special for his disciples. He took a bowl and filled it with water, grabbed a towel and said:

Jesus: Everyone, please sit down. I would like to wash your feet.

Narrator: Don’t freak out – it was really common in this time for servants to wash people’s feet – they walked on dirt roads in sandals, and their feet would be pretty dirty – all the wealthy people had a servant to do it for them, most people would just wash their own feet when they went into a home.

Disciple 1: Are you sure, Lord? 

Disciple 2: Yeah – I don’t mind cleaning my own feet!

Jesus: No, I would like to do this for you. Please let me.

Simon Peter: Lord, that’s a servant’s job, I can’t let you touch my feet! Gross!!  

Jesus: If you don’t let me wash your feet, you won’t be part of my ministry. You might not understand what I’m doing right now, but soon you will.

Simon Peter: Oh! Is this to help me be free from sin? Well then please, do wash my feet! And also my hands and my face and my hair!! Help me be clean!

Jesus: It’s not about cleaning you from sins (or washing, for that matter), Simon Peter, it’s about letting me serve you!!

Simon Peter: Ohh….Ok. I guess you can go ahead and wash my feet.

Jesus: Gee, thanks, Peter. Listen, I am doing this so you see that to follow God is to serve others. I have served you all in washing your feet – my hope is that it will inspire you to go and serve others.

Disciples: [not all at the same time, but overlapping] Ooooooh! That’s cool. That makes sense! I get it now!

Jesus: To be closer to God is not to be in a position of power or control, but service. Serve others, show them the love of God.

Narrator: Jesus made sure the disciples saw an example of being humble, because God doesn’t care about power or money or anything like that. God cares about love and service!


Storytelling by participants

Have you ever had someone try to do something nice for you, but it was hard to accept the gift? Explain why. Do you believe that God loves you so much he would want to serve you? Talk about whether or not it’s easy to believe that God values service over power.

*Scripture citations taken from The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. 1989. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers. As found in the Logos Bible study software program.

Check-In Questions and Mentor Meeting Options


Choose one of these activities for your next mentor meeting.

Activity #1: Visit a Catholic Church

Plan to visit a Roman Catholic Church (or a Greek Orthodox Church) and ask the leadership about the importance of Holy Communion for them. Where do they keep the “host” and why do they believe it’s special?

Activity #2: Cook Up a Seder Meal!

Visit this website ( and select some recipes together with your mentor. Consider the importance of the passover meal for Jewish people as well as followers of Jesus. Make sure you prep lots of good stuff and serve it to your family or friends! Take pics too! #narratologyonline

Activity #3: Create Your Own

Discuss with your mentor or teacher what kinds of things you will both enjoy doing. Decide on an activity for this month that you and your mentor will do.


Instagram/Phone Check-in: Holy Communion (See above for Check-In Storytimes!)

  • Read the three passages from the Bible. What’s different? What’s the same?

  • Why did Jesus say ‘This is my body’ and ‘This is my blood’? Was he being literal or figurative? Or both?

  • What does Holy Communion mean to you when you receive it?

Instagram/Phone Check-in: Foot Washing (See above for Check-In Storytimes!)

  • Judas plays a major role in this story as well as the Last Supper. What did he end up doing? Why do you think he did it?

  • In Jesus’ day, foot washing was something reserved for servants. Why did Jesus wash Peter’s feet?

  • How can you be a better servant for others in the sense of “washing another’s feet” in today’s world?