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Miracle of Pollination

Check-In Storytimes!

Wedding Time (Based Off John 2:1-11)

Characters:  Narrator, Jesus, Mary, Disciples (not all speaking), servants (nonspeaking, carrying jars), steward, bride and groom (non-speaking)

Narrator:  Before Jesus had truly begun his ministry, he went to a wedding with his mom and a few of his disciple friends.  They were only there a little while when they heard some shouting...they had run out of wine!

Mary:  Jesus – did you hear that?  The poor couple ran out of wine at their wedding.  What an embarrassing thing to happen!  People will gossip about their luck for years.

Disciple 1:  Yes, I can't imagine a more embarrassing thing to happen at a wedding!

Narrator:  You see, people couldn't really drink water – and keeping the beverages stocked at a wedding was a sign you KNEW how to throw a welcoming party.

Mary:  Jesus, are you listening to me??

Jesus:  Yes, mom.

Mary:  I think you should help them out!

Jesus:  But mom!  It's not time for me to start my miracles yet!

Narrator:  Jesus' mother didn't even acknowledge him – even the son of God has to listen to his momma!  Mary went to some servants and said:

Mary:  Do what he tells you!!

Narrator:  The servants we so confused...but they waited for Jesus to tell them what to do.

Jesus:  [sighs] Ok.  See these stone jars?  Go fill them up with water.

[servants look quizzically at him, but do as he says]

Jesus: [after the servants return] Ok, now dip a cup into the water and drink it.

Narrator:  The servants did as he said – and the water changed into a delicious wine.

Disciple 1:  Whoa, Jesus that's amazing!  I knew you'd be someone to follow!

[much celebrating from the servants, disciples and Mary as Jesus stands looking vaguely annoyed – he wasn't supposed to be doing miracles yet!]

Narrator:  Once the water had been turned to wine, it was poured so the party could continue – and the Steward couldn't believe his tastebuds!!

Steward: [to the bride and groom]  Wow, you two!  Most people serve the really good stuff right away and wait until people are drunk to pass out the good stuff – but you guys are so classy, you saved the best for last!  Well done!!

Narrator:  The bride and groom were confused – but those of us who understand what happened, the miracle was the first sign that Jesus really was the son of God, and one of many examples that Jesus gives the best even though we can't earn it!


Kid Story

Talk about a time a parent or adult you respect asked you to do something you didn't want to do. Did you do the task? What was the deciding factor? What does it say about Jesus that even HE listened to his mother when she was on his case about doing something he didn’t want to do? What does it say about living out our faith?

Storytime! Alternate Story #1

Feeding 5,000 (Matthew 14:13-33) 

Characters: Narrator, Jesus, Peter, Disciples (not all speaking), Crowds

Narrator: Jesus was a popular dude. He couldn't go anywhere without people chasing him. It was like ancient paparazzi, but instead of wanting pictures of embarrassing incidents, they wanted healing! Jesus went on a boat to try and get some quiet time, but the crowds found him...

Jesus: It's so good to have some quiet time!

Peter: Uh oh, Jesus, looks like you spoke too soon.

Disciple 1: Yeah – check out the hordes! Want us to ditch them?

Jesus: No, they've come looking for hope and healing, it is best to show them love.

Narrator: So Jesus began to talk with the thousands of people and heal them. But soon the disciples got hungry....

Disciple 2: Jesus, it's time for lunch!! I'm starving!

Disciple 1: Yes – make these folks go to town and buy some lunch for themselves, we don't have enough to feed us and them!

Jesus: No, you silly disciples, let's just invite them all to lunch!

Peter: Jesus, my math isn't perfect, but I counted around 5,000 people here...we only have 5 loaves and two fish!

Jesus: And?

Narrator: The disciples looked perplexed as Jesus prayed over the loaves and fish and began to feed the giant crowd of people.

Disciple 1: Jesus, I can't believe it! You fed everyone and we have LEFTOVERS!!

Jesus: I told you it'd be fine!

Disciple 2: You was just so hard to believe you!

Jesus: Maybe you'll start trusting me now?

Narrator: [said with a knowing smile/chuckle] Oh, Jesus, he knew they would always struggle with doubt! After they had fed the crowds, Jesus told his disciples to set sail while he went up a mountain to pray. The next morning, he walked out to where they were on the water.

Disciple 1: YOU GUYS – THERE'S A GHOST!!!

Peter: AHHH noooo I am scared of ghosts!

Jesus: It's not a ghost, you guys, it's me!

Peter: If it's really you, command me to walk on water, too!

Jesus: [rolling his eyes] I command you to walk on water, Peter.

Narrator: Peter got out and walked toward Jesus! But some wind blew and he got nervous and started to sink.

Peter: Lord, help me!

Jesus: [pulling Peter up] You only needed faith to stay on top of the water, why did you doubt me?

Narrator: With that, the disciples finally realized that Jesus really was who he said he was – the son of God!


Storytelling by participants

Share a time when something impossible happened. Did you think it was a miracle from God? Do other people believe your story is a miracle when you share it? If it's hard to believe that miracles are real, why? Why don't more miracles happen?

Storytime! Alternate Story #2

Jesus Cleanses the Temple (John 2:13-25, Matthew 21:1-17

Characters: Narrator, Jesus, Temple salesperson, Money changer, Blind person, Chief Priest

Narrator: Sometimes we Christians try to get each other to behave in a nice way by asking WWJD – What would Jesus do? I think we forget that Jesus wasn't always quiet and polite and patient – sometimes Jesus did some hardcore stuff!! When he travelled to Jerusalem as the time of his crucifixion was approaching, he noticed something off in the temple...

Temple Sales Person: [calling out as if to people walking by your stall] Buy your sacrificial animal! Get right with God the easy way – I've captured them all! I've got lambs, goats, pigeons and doves – whatever your sins need to be forgiven!! I only take official temple gold!!

Money Changer: [calling out as if to people walking by your stall] Get your money changed here! Temple salespeople will only take the special temple currency! I can change all denominations for a small fee!!

Narrator: Jesus didn't like the commerce happening in the temple...

Jesus: You brood of vipers! This is God's house! People are supposed to come here to pray and worship and you've turned it into a den of robbers! GET OUT!

Narrator: He was so upset by this, he started throwing tables over and whipping the animals to clear the temple. He then began to heal the blind and lame that came to him.

Blind person: Sir I haven't seen since I got sick three years ago.

Jesus: Your faith has made you well!

Blind Person: Thank you oh son of the most high!

Chief Priest: HEY NOW – that's blasphemy! This guy isn't anyone important! He tried to destroy the temple!

Jesus: Didn't you read the scriptures? They said the people would praise the most high. And I will show you something even better - if you destroy the temple, I will raise it up again in three days!

Chief Priest: Yeah, whatever you say, buddy!!

Narrator: It was a confusing thing for Jesus to say – that temple building had taken many, manyyears to build – but Jesus didn't mean the building. He meant himself - his own body. He was giving hints of what was to come – but of course, the people didn't understand until it had already happened.


Storytelling by participants

Tell about a time when something you heard when you were much younger didn't make sense until you were older. What made it "click" for you? Did you share it with others or keep it a secret?

*Scripture citations taken from The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version. 1989. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers. As found in the Logos Bible study software program.

Check-In Questions and Mentor Meeting Options


Choose one of these activities for your next mentor meeting.

Activity #1: Cook-off Time!

Prepare a dish with the limited ingredients you find in your home or at your meeting place. You may use resources from the internet or from recipe books, but you need to make the meal using only what you find. No shopping for ingredients! Set a timer to get the meal prepared and try to work from scratch. (Avoid dishes you can throw in the microwave and complete in minutes.) Then, serve the meal to your family or friends. What did you learn about the miracles of sharing talents and using limited resources?

Activity #2: Poetry Game

Take 3 themes, words, or phrases you find in the Bible story from Matthew 14:13-33. Write 3 poems around the themes and share with your mentor. If you’re really brave, record your recitation of the poems and post them online. #narratologyonline

Activity #3: Create Your Own

Discuss with your mentor or teacher what kinds of things you will both enjoy doing. Decide on an activity for this month that you and your mentor will do.


Instagram/Phone Check-in: Feeding the 5000 and Walking on Water (See above for Check-In Storytimes!)

  • Why were the disciples concerned about the crowds?

  • What did Jesus do? What happened after the crowds ate their fill?

  • What would you have done in Peter’s place? Would you have been scared? Name ways we can learn to trust God more, especially when we’re frightened or unsure of ourselves.

Instagram/Phone Check-in: Jesus Cleanses the Temple (See above for Check-In Storytimes!)

  • Why was Jesus angry? Was his anger justified?

  • How do the two Bible stories differ? How are they the same? In what way is the cleansing of the temple a “miracle” or “sign” from Jesus?

  • Take a newspaper or look online to see what protests are currently ongoing. What justice-related issues are you passionate about? How can you perform a “sign” of God’s justice in relation to these or other issues?