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Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness (Matthew 4:1-17)

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Readers: Narrator, Satan, Jesus

Narrator: Jesus had just been baptized by John in the Jordan River. He wasn’t even dry yet, and God’s Holy Spirit threw him into the wilderness, where he was tempted by Satan for 40 days and 40 nights. He had no food. He had no company. Just him in the desert.

Satan: And me, Satan.

Narrator: Satan knew he was hungry – famished, actually. This would be a good time to strike.

Satan: I’m nothing if not opportunistic! You know, Jesus, you could turn these stones into bread. Nobody would have to know. You could just “poof,” and eat just a few bites.

Jesus: Food’s important, but trusting in God is even more important. No thanks.

Narrator: Satan took Jesus to the top of the temple in the holy city to tempt him there.

Satan: I’ll bet you could throw yourself off the top of this temple, call some angels to conjure up a little “wingardium, leviosa” and float on down like a feather.

Jesus: You want me to test God? No thanks.

Narrator: By this time, Satan knew he was running out of chances. But he also knew Jesus would be weak and vulnerable. 40 days without food or company will wear a guy out.

Satan: I could give you all the kingdoms of the world, the praise of people forever, and anything your heart desires. All you have to do is worship me. Just a teeny tiny little bow, and it’s all yours.

Jesus: Beat it! God said worship only God, so I’m going to worship only God. No thanks.

Narrator: Finally, Satan got the hint. He left, defeated.

Satan: I feel so defeated.

Narrator: The angels came and waited on Jesus, as he gathered his strength for the mission and ministry ahead.

Kid Story: Play a game of "Never Have I Ever", and talk about the things you have done and/or not done.



Jesus Calls the Disciples (Mark 1:1-20), Great Catch of Fish/Fish for People (Luke 5:1-11)

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Luke Bible Reading Click Here

Readers: Narrator, Jesus, Simon

Narrator: Jesus was a pretty smart guy. He was also compassionate, insightful, edgy, and loving. But he was only one guy. Even Jesus needed people.

Jesus: Even I need people.

Narrator: So, Jesus gathered some. People, that is. Jesus gathered all kinds of people. Some were tax collectors, some were craftsmen. And some of the people Jesus gathered were fishermen.

Jesus: A guy’s gotta eat.

Narrator: One day, Jesus was teaching on the shore. There were so many people pushing and shoving because they all wanted to hear what Jesus had to say. So Jesus hopped into a boat and had the fishermen row out from the shore.

Simon: Did you know the water acts like a megaphone, making Jesus easier to hear from the shore? It has to do with the cooler temperature that hovers just above the water, slowing the sound waves… But I digress.

Narrator: At the end of a long day of teaching, Jesus was pretty hungry. He asked the fisherman, Simon, to go to the deep water and let down the nets.

Jesus: Go to the deep water and let down the nets.

Simon: We’ve been fishing all night. There aren’t any fish out there tonight.

Jesus: Just do it.

Simon: You got it, boss.

Narrator: Simon let down the nets, and they caught so many fish, the nets were beginning to break.

Simon: The nets!

Narrator: They signaled their partners in other boats to come help. When the catch was hauled in, there were so many fish, the boats started to sink. When Simon realized what Jesus had just done, he started freaking out.

Simon: I’m kinda freaking out, here!

Narrator: But Jesus didn’t want him to freak out.

Jesus: Simon, don’t be afraid. From now on, you’ll be catching…

Simon: Walleye!

Jesus: No.

Simon: Pike!

Jesus: No.

Simon: Tuna!

Jesus: People.

Simon: (?)

Jesus: Come on, let’s go gather some people.

Narrator: So, they left everything and followed him.

Kid Story: Tell of a time you thought you were going to do one thing, but instead you ended up doing something totally different.


Check-In Questions and Mentor Meeting Options


Choose one of these activities for your next mentor meeting.

Activity #1: Tie Dye T-Shirts

Use water and dye to tie dye t-shirts, blankets, or bandanas. Go here to learn how.

Activity #2: Water Treatment

Find out who is responsible for maintaining your city water quality. Arrange to visit their offices and get a tour of the water management plant, if possible. Ask questions about how they plan to keep the water safe for residents, businesses, and the local ecology.

Activity #3: Create Your Own

Discuss with your mentor or teacher what kinds of things you both enjoy doing. Decide on an activity for you and your mentor.


Instagram/Phone Check-in: Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness (See above for Check-In Storytimes!)

  • Name two of the three ways Satan tempted Jesus.
  • What was Jesus’ response to Satan’s temptations?
  • What would be one temptation that would be hard for you to resist? Why?

Instagram/Phone Check-in: Jesus Calls the Disciples & Great Catch of Fish/Fish for People (See above for Check-In Storytimes!)

  • Why did Jesus go out on the boat?
  • What did Jesus ask Simon and the other fishermen to do?
  • What do you think Jesus meant when he told them they would fish for people?