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Narratology: A Confirmation/Affirmation of Baptism Program for the Narrative Lectionary


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Narrative Lectionary

What's That?!

Narrative Lectionary Worship Resources Kids at School

The Narrative Lectionary is a weekly and seasonal, four-year cycle of readings from Holy Scripture. Faculty at Luther Seminary put it together as an alternative to the Revised Common Lectionary. Both the RCL and the NL have advantages and disadvantages. However, the the series of readings known as the Narrative Lectionary focuses on telling the stories of the Bible. According to Working Preacher, it centers on sharing the story of "hope and disappointment, suffering and redemption. In all these varied contexts, we find God dealing with the complexities of human life." 

Click here for a great video explaining the "storied nature" of this particular list of readings and what value it has for your faith community.


Why tell stories?

Ecce Homo & Pilate (Stories are the best method to preach from the Bible)

Human beings are "storied creatures." What this means is that people respond to stories. We understand ourselves and our relationships to God and each other primarily through stories. Not that any other lectionary resource like the RCL doesn't tell stories—the four-year cycle of readings in the NL just . . . does it better.


Why Clergy Stuff?

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We've got a whole pile of reasons. We have original music. We're sensitive to inclusive language and progressive, grace-centered theology. We have theologically adept and skilled writers. We also make an effort to include all people when we write our resources. We're fun. Oh . . . and we're cool. You'll know as soon as you read how we've successfully woven the theme of each biblical text within each and every one of our lessons based off the this series of readings within scripture. What's more, you'll find that our Narratology™ confirmation program for churches can be easily woven into your NL worship! Narratology is the perfect solution for those seeking an affirmation of baptism plan for 1, 2 or 3 kids and also has a special-needs section.

Try out our worship preparation resources! Find the power of the story—God's story. Leaders continue to praise the work we put into providing the best worship planning materials you can find online. Not ready to commit to a full year to using the Narrative Lectionary? No problem. We have half-year and summer bundles to fit with your congregation's or faith community's plan of action.

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You betcha! Narratology™!!

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Dr. Kimberly “Kace” Leetch founded Clergy Stuff in 2011. Her goal was to provide resources for clergy and congregations to make their ministries cooler, easier, and funner. Yes, she means funner. 



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I want you to know how incredibly helpful... Your resources are the first place we turn for worship planning.
— Pastor Trichelle Kirchenwitz
Thank you so much for your excellent material!
— Rev. Terry Palmer, Gilbert Presbyterian Church – Gilbert, AZ
I used one suggested children’s sermon from Clergy Stuff. The children were instructed to stand in the shape of the cross as a reminder of God’s great mercy. In my head, the cross was going to be so cool. The reality was that it was an imperfect, ever-moving cross full of squiggly young kids. It was an even better illustration of God’s mercy than I had planned. Thank you, God! (And thank you, Clergy Stuff)
— Christie M. - Associate in Ministry
Thank you for putting together this resource. The prayers are beautiful. The info is thought provoking and creative. And it has definitely breathed new life into our worship - as it has breathed new life in me. Keep up the good work!
— Pastor Danielle Miller, Oceanside Lutheran Church – Oceanside, California
You are an answer to prayer—and my secretary’s plea this morning!!
— Rev. David Grant, Grace Lutheran Church – Bloomington, MN
Thanks for all your hard work! I can’t tell you how much your resources help my ministry!
— Rev. Ramona Hayes, Pollock Lutheran – Pollock, SD
God bless you all for your great work – our Parish just loves it.
— Elaine Bauschke, Beausejour Rural Lutheran Parish – Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada
Just want to say how much I like the “stuff” you wrote for the scripture presentations during the Lord’s prayer cycle!
— Pastor Greg Van Dunk, Atonement Lutheran – Muskego, WI

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