Bundle 4 - 2018 Summer NL Worship Resources + Music

Bundle 4 Narrative Lectionary Resources
Bundle 4 Narrative Lectionary Resources

Bundle 4 - 2018 Summer NL Worship Resources + Music



Bundle 4 Narrative Lectionary Worship Resources

Clergy Stuff NL 2018 Summer Resources Bundle 4
(Summer + Original Music)

  • Summer 2018: May 27 - Sept 2

  • All Original Music Included for Summer Sessions


The Narrative Lectionary Summer Sessions and Original Music go together like kids swimming on a hot July day! Music written by composer Jerry Salter, these easy-to-follow and melodically pleasing liturgical verses include melodies for each season and verses for each week’s texts.

Click here to download a sample of Original Music.

This Clergy Stuff Narrative Lectionary Summer Worship Planning Resource Package includes these Narrative Lectionary texts at this link here(Scroll to the bottom of the PDF file to read the list for the correct summer readings.)

Worship Planning Resources for SUMMER ONLY in this Bundle.

Click here to view samples of the resources your church will receive.

Bundle Four includes: All Worship Planning Resources for the Narrative Lectionary for the Summer of 2018, Children's Sermons, Creative Expressions, KidStuff Bulletins, Music Suggestions, Original Music, "God's Story, Our Story" Adult Bulletin Inserts, Original Music, and much more!

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