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Ahhhhh... for days gone by. Although our great Narrative Lectionary resource writers all use computers today, we do at least like to pretend that writing is still done in this manner.

Ahhhhh... for days gone by. Although our great Narrative Lectionary resource writers all use computers today, we do at least like to pretend that writing is still done in this manner.

All That Happy Stuff and So Much More for 2017-18!

by Daniel D. Maurer, Clergy Stuff Writer & Creative Dude For the Online Stuff

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Brand, Spankin' New Worship-Support Materials to Make Your Job Easier

Hello everyone! Greetings from the Narrative Lectionary writing and editorial team at Clergy Stuff!

We've been hard at work composing the best set of worship planning resources you can find for the 2017-18 Narrative Lectionary, Year Four (John). We've put tons of forethought into the design of this years' goods and we are very excited to share the new things we have in store for you within all the packages.

First off, since we know the NL focuses on God's Love Story as spelled out in the Bible, we want you to be confident that the resources you receive providing help for you to prepare for worship are story-based. What does THAT mean? Well, to put it bluntly, we craft each worship preparation setting to zero in on the core message of GRACE. That doesn't mean we shy away from the account in holy scripture that deals with God's Law.

Instead, the primary nucleus around which we shape every Sunday's lesson (and special days, too) is God's work in the world in the person of Jesus Christ. It's about in-car-na-tion!

Let me cut to the chase and get right at the NEW FEATURES you can expect within the 2017-18 Narrative Lectionary Year Four Resources.

  • Creative Expressions and Litanies both offered nearly every week! (Some texts are naturally not conducive for one or the other—for those dates, we will provide one or the other.)
  • Totally new and shiny KidStuff™ Children's Bulletins with a kid's rendition of the text printed right on it for your convenience. (They look great! And this year, they should print out easier on black-and-white if you so choose.)
  • The Kid's Storytime section has an all new subsection for special needs kids. Incidentally, we have started a new blog for congregational leaders to bring awareness for special needs (kids, teens, and adults too) in your faith context. Check it out!
  • ALL the worship planning resources for the Narrative Lectionary will be provided (available now) for both the 2017 Summer Session and also the full Program Year (2017-18). (Note: Original Music for Summer 2017 is ready now. Program Year music is coming soon and we'll get it directly to your inbox! )
  • Clergy Stuff has expanded its FREE STUFF offerings. I just know you'll click.
  • We continue to offer inclusive language and be sensitive to inclusive, grace-centered theology.

All right, I've read enough! click now to solve your faith community's NL planning needs!

We just know you're going to love this year's church and congregational stuff to prepare services in your faith community. I mean, look at these folks . . . 

About the Blog Post Author

Daniel D. Maurer - Writer and Author

Daniel D. Maurer is the director for marketing, creative content, and an author to boot. He lives with his family in Saint Paul, Minnesota. For more info on our crack team of writers, musicians, and editors, click here.

You'll Never Guess What's Shocking Dan & His Kids So Much!

The Date! The Time! What Are These Things?

by Clergy Stuff's Web & Resource Design Guru Daniel D. Maurer

Dan and his boys just realized something...

The date!

The time!

Soon September 11th will be rolling around. That's not only a day for remembrance for a terrible tragedy in the United States (I bet you remember where you were when 9-11-01 happened, right? *See below.)

It's also the day that the new Program Year for the Narrative Lectionary begins.

Luckily, Dan's boys are a tad sharper than their pop. They showed him how to effectively use a calendar, and—as scary as it may be—it's not as difficult as one might imagine.

The coolest thing about Clergy Stuff is that Dan's boys and Kace Leetch are much more on the ball than he is. 

Click the button below to see your options for the 2016-17 Program Year worship planning resources. Believe me, you'll be happy that you did. We're extraordinarily proud of our resources (giving the Almighty the glory, of course) and we know you're just going to love them. Totes love 'em. (That's middle-schooler speak for 'totally, by the way.)


* By the way, Daniel Maurer was in Medora, North Dakota on September 11th, 2001. He was attending a pastor's yearly retreat with the Western North Dakota Synod of the ELCA. He remembers lying in bed in the hotel room where he and his wife, Carol, were staying. Carol turned on the television after she got out of the shower. It was about 7:45am and the first plane had already hit. At 8:03 Central Standard Time, the second plane hit, and he saw it live on the Today Show. The pastor's conference began a prayer vigil soon after everyone knew the news.

Posters! Bookmarks! Colors! Oh MY!!

Clergy Stuff Narrative Lectionary and Posters are Hot Off the Press!

by Daniel D. Maurer

August 7, 2016 - Saint Paul, Minn.

Two wonderful fabulous famous runway-model-like volunteers decided to help us out at Clergy Stuff–West (otherwise known as Dan's Writing Studio in St. Paul) showing off the new Narrative Lectionary Poster and Bookmarks.

You, too, can get yours for your congregation or faith community (or even your family) while they last. The posters are great, because they show the progression of the Narrative Lectionary over the 2016-17 Program Year. The bookmarks are great, because they go in books. And who doesn't like books or bookmarks?!



Free Stuff! Free Stuff!

Narrative Lectionary Free Stuff

Clergy Stuff is happy to announce that the Spark, Sunday School recommendations are up and online.

Spark Sunday School Recommendations

For additional images for bulletin covers, please visit our FREE STUFF page located...

>>  HERE  <<

What is the Narrative Lectionary, Anyway?

Daniel Maurer from Clergy Stuff recently travelled to Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota to speak with Rev. Dr. Rolf Jacobson, one of the founders of the Narrative Lectionary

With this video, Professor Jacobson answers first what a "Lectionary" by itself is and what makes the Narrative Lectionary so important and effective.

Clergy Stuff Hires a Rad Dude

Exciting news!

Clergy Stuff has hired a brand new Director of Creative Content and Marketing, Daniel Maurer. Dan has designed a brand new, amazing Clergy Stuff website, which now includes resources for Summer 2016 and Program Year 2016-17. (Resources are available now for Summer 2016 and Fall through Christmas 2016. The spring resources, January 8 through Pentecost 2017, included in the Program Year packages, are nearly ready and will be uploaded in three weeks.) Check out the new resources and products here:

Daniel D. Maurer is an award-winning freelance writer, journalist, editor, and public speaker. He has authored two books. His first, Sobriety: A Graphic Novel is a new resource from Hazelden Publishing for youth and young adults. His second is the story of a victim of Human Trafficking. Its title is Faraway: A Suburban Boy’s Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking.

His third book to be released in the fall of 2016 is a large project with Augsburg Fortress Publishers, the details of which are forthcoming. Daniel is currently in the process of writing a fourth book dealing with the psychological concept of resilience and how spirituality and narrative facilitate change.

Daniel has also written to create children’s curriculum for Sparkhouse and Amicus Publishing. He keeps the blog Transformation is Realsharing stories of personal transformation. He enjoys gardening, writing, reading, walking his dog, serving as slave to his cats, and playing with his boys. Daniel lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with his wife, Carol, and his family.

Daniel is extremely excited about his recent partnership with Kimberly “Kace” Leetch and her company, Clergy Stuff. Daniel will be working as an editor, a writer, and as the director of creative content and marketing.

For more information about Daniel or his work, see:

If you have any customer questions, Dan is right on it! You can contact him at And, of course, you can always contact me, too, at

Blessings on your spring! - Kace



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