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Matthew 14:1-12, Death of John the Baptist

Narrative Lectionary Key Verse for Today

The head was brought on a platter and given to the girl, who brought it to her mother.
— Matthew 14:11

NL Daily Devotion for Tuesday, March 12, 2019

by Daniel D. Maurer, Clergy Stuff


I find the story of the death of John the Baptist to be exceedingly depressing. It’s mostly because evil makes its way into the scheming minds of people so often.

Yeah. Sure. We don’t behead people anymore. Well, at least in modern western countries. Yet, think of the other ways we “execute” others because of their beliefs or political alliances. And, after all, it was Jesus who told us that such “murders” can often hurt more than the actual thing.

The lesson for today’s reading is that despite the death of John the Baptist (and Jesus’), God was able to bring about God’s coming reign, regardless.

How might you bring about God’s reign in your world today?