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Daniel 2:46-49, Daniel and His Friends Promoted

Saturday, December 9


Narrative Lectionary Daily Devotions written by Kace Leetch from Clergy Stuff.

Daniel had finally interpreted the dreams that had been plaguing the king. The king was delighted with the interpretation and relieved finally to have answers to his nightmares. He promoted Daniel and showered him with gifts. But Daniel didn't forget the people who had helped him survive exile and grow in wisdom together. He asked the king to remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, too. The king agreed, and they were all promoted and praised.

It's a tricky business knowing how to balance competition vs. collaboration. On the one hand, competition can make us push ourselves harder, helping us accomplish things we never thought we could. On the other hand, it's rare that people become wildly successful at anything without a team of people working, pushing, pulling, and supporting the front runner. 

Maybe there's a way we can learn and grow from our moments of competition, and also lift up those who have worked hard to get us where we are today. Only good can come from supporting each other, praising each other, pushing each other, and pulling each other up. Daniel was a good model of this. He knew that he would go far if he brought the other three along with him. And they all did, in fact, do great things for God. 

Narrative Lectionary Text: Daniel 2:46-49

Then King Nebuchadnezzar fell on his face, worshiped Daniel, and commanded that a grain offering and incense be offered to him. The king said to Daniel, “Truly, your God is God of gods and Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, for you have been able to reveal this mystery!” Then the king promoted Daniel, gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon and chief prefect over all the wise men of Babylon. Daniel made a request of the king, and he appointed Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego over the affairs of the province of Babylon. But Daniel remained at the king’s court.