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Revelation 5:14, Amen!

The Virgin Crowned - Revelation Classic Art

The Virgin Crowned - Revelation Classic Art

Truly, Truly, It is True

Today's reflection has been written by Daniel D. Maurer.

For today's Narrative Lectionary Daily Devotion, we get one, short word.


Within the Book of Revelation, the four living creatures have come to symbolize many things. A prominent early interpretation, variously modified by different interpreters, has been to equate the four creatures as a tetramorph of the Four Evangelists. Throughout church history, the most common interpretation (first laid out by Victorinus), but not the original or the only, is that the lion represents Mark, the calf Luke, the man Matthew, and the eagle John(Source)

Of course, what matters is WHO the creatures surround.

That one is God. Their collective AMEN they shout is an affirmation that what they say is true. One translation of "Amen" is truly! (Or colloquially today "YUP!")

Narrative Lectionary Text

Revelation 5:14 – Amen!

And the four living creatures said, ‘Amen!’ And the elders fell down and worshipped. 

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